WT Unit 4: Server-Side Programming Previous Year Questions

  1. What do you mean by server side programing?
  2. Write various type of server side programming language.
  3. What do you understand by ASP ? What are its advantage and disadvantage?
  4. How ASP is different from ASP.NET?
  5. What is JSP? What are advantage and disadvantages of JSP over CGI?
  6. Explain various components of JSP in detail.
  7. Explain the architecture of JSP. How JSP provides better performance.
  8. Explain accessing a database from a JSP page.
  9. Explain the use of request and response objects in the communication between the browser and the web server in JSP.
  10. Explain the various type of implicit objects available to JSP page? Explain.
  11. Explain how to declare variable in JSP.
  12. How to declare methods in JSP?
  13. How to declare array in JSP? Give an example.
  14. Explain the various type of errors in JSP.
  15. How exception handling is done in java? Explain with suitable examples.
  16. How error handling and debugging are done in JSP? Explain with suitable example.
  17. What are sessions in JSP?
  18. How does JSP handle runtime exception ?
  19. How do we enable and disable session using JSP?
  20. Explain data sharing between JSP pages in detail.
  21. Write a difference between JSP and ASP.
  22. What are the steps for running JSP program in Tomcat server?
  23. Write a short note on the Following: 1. Database programing using JDBC. 2. Tomcat server
  24. What do you mean by JDBC? How it works?
  25. Explain the architecture of JDBC.
  26. What do you mean by driver? Explain the various type of JDBC Drivers.
  27. Write a note on struts framework. Write its features and advantage.
  28. What do you mean by servlet? Explain the life cycle of servlet.
  29. Write a note on 1.COM 2. DCOM
  30. Write a note on servlet package.
  31. Write a difference between dynamic web page, Static Web page and Active web Pages.
  32. Write the difference between COM and DCOM.
  33. Is COM same as DCOM? If not, what are the differences between them? Describe the importance of COM/DCOM in making commercial website.
  34. Write a note on CORBA.