WT Unit 1: Web Tech and Core Java Previous Year Questions

  1. Write the history of world wide web (WWW).
  2. What do you mean by Web Technologies? Write down the various steps to develop a multi departmental website.
  3. Write the different between web server and web browser. How does a web server work?
  4. What are the technologies used in web design? What is the role of scripting language in web design?
  5. What is W3C? Write its role.
  6. Discuss the various web development strategies in brief.
  7. What do you mean by plugin and cookies? Also write its role.
  8. Discuss the most basic elements of good site design including navigation consideration.
  9. What do you mean by protocol? Provide the name of those protocols which help in web and explain the working of those protocols.
  10. What is FTP ? Explain its uses and working on the internet.
  11. Explain the working of CSMA/CD.
  12. Write a note: 1. FTP 2. UDP 3. POP3 4. MIME 5. Telnet 6. Ping
  13. Explain the concept of URL and IP Address. Also, describe the various fields in IP datagram header. How an IP address is assigned to host?
  14. Describe in brief, the growth of the web technology . Explain the protocols governing the web.
  15. What do you mean by MIME, IMAP and SMTP.
  16. What do you mean by web project? How it should be defined?
  17. Discuss the various web project development phases. Clearly indicate the inputs and outputs of each phase of the project.
  18. Why it is important to identify the object in web development strategies? Also explain ,with help of block diagram web development process.
  19. Explain the block diagram for web development.
  20. Write a short note on web application with suitable examples.
  21. What are the stages and strategies required to develop a web project?
  22. What are the essential skills that must be identified while selecting the members of a web project team?
  23. Write a note on web team.
  24. Discuss the factors to be considered in order to make an effective web team.
  25. What is virtual management ? How one can manage a virtual team?
  26. Why planning is must before developing a website ? What are advantages of early planning?
  27. What do you mean by Domain Name System (DNS) ? How the DNS server works? What is the need for additional suffix such as com, edu, and gov?
  28. What is Java? Write its features.
  29. Write a note on JVM, JDK and JRE?
  30. Write the data type of Java.
  31. What is operators? Explain the various types of operators.
  32. Write a note on class and objects in java.
  33. What do you mean by Access modifier?
  34. What is array? Explain.
  35. What do you mean by inheritance? Explain the various type of inheritance.
  36. Write a note on Abstract class in Java.
  37. Write a note on Interface in Java.
  38. Write the difference between abstract class and interface in java.
  39. What do you mean by exception handling in Java?
  40. Write a short note on I/O.
  41. What is multithreading in JAVA? Also explain the life cycle of thread.
  42. What do you mean by applet? Explain its life cycle.
  43. What do you mean by AWT ? Explain.