WT Unit 3: Scripting Previous Year Questions

  1. Write a note on Scripting.
  2. What is Javascript? Write its features and explain how it is works.
  3. Write the advantage and disadvantage of scripting language.
  4. Explain form object in Javascript.
  5. Write a note on object in Javascript.
  6. Explain the Document Object Model (DOM) Of Javascript.
  7. What is the difference between Java and Javascript?
  8. How is Java strongly associated with internet?
  9. Draw a flowchart to show how various Java tools are used in application development.
  10. How do you perform client-side validation using Javascript? Illustrate with suitable example.
  11. Write the difference between Java and Javascript. Describe the strength and weakness of JavaScript.
  12. What do you mean by event? How event handling is done in Javascript?
  13. What is DHTML. Difference Between HTML and DHTML.
  14. Explain AJAX with the help of diagram.
  15. What is dynamic HTML? How Dynamic HTML (DHTML) is used with Javascript.
  16. Write the application of AJAX. What technology used in AJAX?
  17. What is VBScript? How does it work?
  18. When the VBScript is preferred over Javascript?
  19. Write a note on Common Gateway Interface (CGI). Explain How CGI works at a conceptual level. What is the highest disadvantage of CGI.
  20. What is Java bean? Write its advantage and disadvantage. Also write its properties.
  21. What is EJB? Explain the benefits of EJB.
  22. Explain the architecture of EJB. Write its various types.
  23. Write the steps used to create java bean and to build application using BDK.