DBMS Unit 1: Introduction to DBMS Previous Year Questions

  1. What is database management system? Write capabilities of database management system.
  2. Write the advantage and disadvantage of DBMS.
  3. Write the major components of DBMS.
  4. What do you mean by File System? Explain
  5. Write the difference between database system and file system.
  6. Discuss the problem caused by data redundancies. Can data redundancies be completely eliminated when the database approach is used?
  7. Write brief notes on instance and schema.
  8. How does a category differ from a regular shared subclass?
  9. What is model in DBMS? write different type of models and also explain each.
  10. Describe the three level architecture of database system.
  11. What do you mean by logical and physical schemas?
  12. What is data independence? Write difference between logical data independence and physical data independence.
  13. What is database language? Explain DML and DDL.
  14. Write the difference between procedural and non-procedural DMLs.
  15. Discuss the role of DBA in database management system.
  16. Define the terms Data abstraction and Data redundancy.
  17. Write the functions of DBA.
  18. Explain ER-Model in detail.
  19. Design an E-R diagram for banking enterprise.
  20. Explain mapping constraints. Write its types
  21. Explain mapping constraints. Write its types. What do you mean by a key to the relation ? Explain the differences between super key, candidate key and primary key.
  22. What is foreign key? What is its purpose.
  23. Define Generalization , Specialization and Aggregation with a suitable example.
  24. What do you mean by entity set? What is weak entity and strong entity . Also write the difference between weak and strong entity.