SPM Unit 5: Project Management and Tool Previous Year Questions

  1. What is fault tolerance?
  2. List and describe three general approaches to improve designer productivity.
  3. What action can be taken by the system after the occurrence of fault.
  4. Explain the techniques available to achieve hardware fault tolerance..
  5. What are the main techniques available to achieve software fault tolerance? What are the shortcomings of these techniques?
  6. Describe the use of formal methods in verification of embedded system.
  7. Write short note on trends in embedded processors.
  8. Explain system on chip.
  9. What do you understand by multi-core processors/chiplevel multi processors(CMP) and reconfigurable processors?
  10. What are the current trends in embedded OS?
  11. What are the development language trends in embedded system?
  12. Write a note on Java for embedded development.
  13. What are the limitations of standard Java in embedded application development ?
  14. Write a note on .NET CF for embedded development.
  15. With the help of example , explain design cycle in the development phase for an embedded system.
  16. What is the use of Target system in the embedded system development?