WT Unit 2: Web Page Designing Previous Year Questions

  1. What is HTML? Explain its structure.
  2. What is tag in HTML? Write different type of tags.
  3. Write the different type of tags used for styling in HTML.
  4. Explain the table tag in HTML with its attributes.
  5. Explain the list tag of HTML.
  6. Discuss how frames play a big role in advertising on web. What roles do form play in making web page dynamic?
  7. Explain the terms in reference to HTML: List, Frames and Form with example.
  8. How images are added in an HTML document? How will you create image links in web documents?
  9. Explain the HTML tags for forms with the help of suitable example.
  10. Write a HTML code to design a ‘Student registration Form’.
  11. Write HTML code to develop a web page having two frames that divide the page into two equal rows and divides the first row into equal columns. Fill each with the different background color.
  12. Write a HTML code for entering the detail of the employee of an organization , store the details in a database for future application.
  13. What is CSS? Explain its various types.
  14. Write a CSS rule that makes all the text 2.5 time larger than the base font of the system.
  15. What is XML?
  16. Create a XML document of 10 students of final MCA. Add their roll numbers, marks obtained in 5 subjects, total marks and percentage. Save this XML document at the server. Write a program that accepts student’s roll number as input and returns the students marks, total and percentage by taking the student’s information for XML document.
  17. Write a difference between XML and HTML.
  18. Write a note on DOM.
  19. Define Document Type Definition(DTD). Also describe its various types. Which type of DTD is more preferable and Why?
  20. What do you mean by XML Schema? Explain. Also write its advantage and Disadvantage.
  21. Explain the role of SAX and DOM in XML document verification.
  22. What is DHTML? Write the difference between HTML and DHTML.