Computer Network Unit 3: Network Layer Previous Year Questions

  1. What is network layer? Explain.
  2. Write the basic design issue of a network layer.
  3. What is routing algorithm? Explain adaptive and non-adaptive routing algorithm.
  4. Write the various type of routing algorithm.
  5. What is meant by unicast and multicast routing? Explain with suitable diagram.
  6. Explain distance vector routing algorithm with the help of an example.
  7. Explain the link state routing algorithm.
  8. Explain path vector routing algorithm.
  9. What is unicast? Discuss unicast routing protocols.
  10. Explain Dijkstra algorithm.
  11. Explain Dijkstra algorithm.
  12. Explain the count to infinity problem. How it can be solved using split horizon algorithm? What are its limitation?
  13. Write a note on : 1. Repeaters. 2. Bridges 3. Gateways
  14. What is congestion ? Name the techniques that prevent congestion.
  15. Explain ARP and RARP. Write the difference between ARP and RARP.
  16. Explain token bucket algorithm.
  17. Explain leaky bucket algorithm.
  18. Explain leaky bucket algorithm.
  19. Write the limitation of leaky bucket algorithm.
  20. What do you mean by internet working?
  21. Explain IP addressing scheme. Give the classification of different IP address.
  22. What do you mean by IPv4.
  23. Explain IPv6.
  24. Explain IPv6.
  25. Write the difference between IPv4 and IPv6.
  26. Write the difference between IPv4 and IPv6.
  27. Draw and explain the packet format of IPv4.
  28. Draw and explain the packet format of IPv4.
  29. Draw the header of IP datagram. Explain its fields.
  30. How is subnet mask useful in IP addressing? Explain with an example.