Computer Network Unit 2: Data Link Layer Previous Year Questions

In this tutorial we have covered most important questions asked in semester exam from unit and topic Medium Access sub-layer (Data Link Layer).

  1. What is ALOHA? Explain pure ALOHA and slotted ALOHA.
  2. What do you mean by channel allocation? Explain.
  3. What do you mean by Manchester? Sketch the Manchester and differential Manchester for bit stream:0001110101.
  4. Write a short note on carrier sense multiple access(CSMA).
  5. Discuss the carrier sense protocol. How it is differ from collision free protocol.
  6. Explain the concept of FDDI. How FDDI ring can be used as a backbone to connect LAN’s and computers? Also , Discuss FDDI cabling in Brief.
  7. What is IEEE 802.3 standard? Explain.
  8. What is IEEE 802.4 standard? Explain.
  9. What is IEEE 802.5 token ring? Explain.
  10. Give the Frame format of FDDI.
  11. Briefly explain the sliding window protocol.
  12. What is piggybacking ? Explain.
  13. Write a note on Stop and Wait protocol. Also State drawbacks of stop and wait protocol.
  14. Describe with the help of suitable diagram the go-back-N continuous ARQ error control scheme.
  15. What is sliding window (ARQ)? Describe with the help of diagram the go-back-N continuous ARQ error control scheme.
  16. What is error? Explain different type of error.
  17. Explain different error detection techniques.
  18. What is hamming code? Explain its working by suitable example.