SPM Unit 1: Intro of Software Project Planning Previous Year Questions

  1. What is project? explain the characteristics of projects.
  2. What is project management?
  3. Discuss various types of the software Projects.
  4. How software projects are different from other types of project?
  5. What are the activities or knowledge are involved in management/project management?
  6. What are the various activities covered by software project management? Also, explain the life cycle of a software project.
  7. Explain the various problems associated with software projects in detail.
  8. Explain the need and identification of software project management. Also write a vision and scope documents according to the IEEE standard related to SPM.
  9. Explain the various factors which describe the scope of software?
  10. Describe project management life cycle.
  11. Write the objectives of Software Project Management.
  12. What is the management spectrum. Explain.
  13. What is the Software Projects management(SPM) framework? Explain.
  14. Write the various responsibilities of software project manager.
  15. Write the note on Software Project Planning.
  16. Write down the outline of stepwise planning activities.
  17. How do we identify the planning objectives?
  18. When software planning activity start and end in software life cycle? List some important activities that a software project manager performs during software project planning?
  19. Write short note on software project planning and its scope.
  20. Describe the various dimensions of software project planning? Discuss the impact of each section of a software project planning on the successful completion of the software project.
  21. What do you mean by project plan? Also, Discuss types of project plans.
  22. What is Pragmatic Planning? Explain.
  23. Explain the structure of a Software Project Management Plan in detail.
  24. Explain Software Project Estimation. Why it is needed?
  25. Is Software Project Estimation is essential for all kinds of software Project? Discuss various Software project estimation techniques, together with their merits and demerits.
  26. What is Botton-Up estimating? Explain.
  27. Explain the top-down approach and parametric models.
  28. List and Explain the various type of estimation approach and when these are used? what do you understand by function point?
  29. Explain the various type of estimation models with suitable example.
  30. What is the role of cost estimation in a software development project. Briefly explain cocomo model for cost estimation for all category of projects.
  31. Write short note on Decision Process.