SPM Unit 2: Project Organization and Scheduling Previous Year Questions

  1. What are the elements of Project?
  2. Describe the Work Breakdown Structure(WBS) in context of Software Project and Product with example.
  3. Write the types of WBS and Explain each.
  4. Explain the Principle Of WBS.
  5. Describe the various recommended steps to develop a Project WBS?
  6. What are the uses of WBS?
  7. What are the uses of WBS?
  8. Define activity and explain its characteristics?
  9. Explain the various factors which describe the scope of software?
  10. Define the project life cycle and product life cycle with suitable diagram.
  11. Discuss Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) in detail.
  12. Explain waterfall model with its limitation.
  13. Explain Prototyping model. When it is used?
  14. Explain V-Process model.
  15. Explain the spiral model.
  16. Explain incremental life cycle model.
  17. Explain evolutionary life cycle model.