DAA Unit 2: Advanced Data Structure Previous Year Questions

  1. What is Red-Black Tree? Write its advantage.
  2. Write different kinds of rotation in RB Tree.
  3. Write the property of Red-Black Tree. Show that the longest simple path from a node x in a RB-Tree to a descendants leaf has length at most twice that of the shortest simple path from node x to a descendants leaf.
  4. Discuss the all ceases of insert a node in RB Tree. Also write its algorithm.
  5. Discuss the all ceases of remove a node in RB Tree. Also write its algorithm.
  6. Explain B-Tree. Write its properties.
  7. Write the basic operations in B-Tree.
  8. Explain the delete operation of a node from B-Tree.
  9. Define a B-Tree of order m. Explain the searching operation in a B-Tree.
  10. What is the minimum number of keys in a B-tree of order 32 and height 5?
  11. Explain Bionomial Heap. Write its properties and prove it.
  12. Write down the procedure to unite two Binomial Heap.
  13. Discuss the structure of Fibonacci Heaps with potential function and maximum degree.
  14. What is a Fibonacci heap? Discuss the application of Fibonacci heaps.
  15. Explain interval tree in detail.
  16. QWhat is augmented data structure? How to augment a data structure? Explain.