Computer Network Unit 5: Application Layer Previous Year Questions

  1. What is Application Layer? Explain.
  2. Write a note on FTP. Also write its advantage and disadvantage.
  3. How does FTP work? Differentiate between passive and active FTP.
  4. Write a note on HTTP. Also write its advantage and disadvantage.
  5. Write a note on email.
  6. Explain about e-mail architecture and service.
  7. Classify the e-mail program.
  8. Explain different basic functions that e-mail system supports.
  9. Explain the email architecture and services.
  10. Write a note on SMTP. Also Explain the function of SMTP.
  11. Explain the address scheme used by SMTP.
  12. Explain how does e-mail reaches to destination. Explain in brief SMTP emphasizing the role and function of User Agent (UA) and Mail Transfer Agent(MTA).
  13. Explain the mail access protocol.
  14. Compare TCP and RTP. Are both doing same thing.
  15. Write the difference between IMAP and POP. Why they are uses?
  16. Explain the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extension(MIME). How does MIME enhance SMTP.
  17. Explain how SMTP can handle transfer of videos and images? Also, explain the advantages of IMAP4 over POP3 mail access protocols.
  18. What is digital signature ? Explain its working.
  19. What is Telnet? Explain.
  20. Write a short note on Voice over IP.
  21. What are the problems for full implementation of voice over IP? Do you think we will stop using the telephone network very soon?
  22. Explain the simple network management protocol. List its various components and briefly explain each.
  23. What is the difference between an active web document and dynamic web page? Also, explain the role of CGI(Common Gateway Interface).
  24. Write a short note on DNS(Domain Name System).
  25. Write a short note on DNS(Domain Name System).Explain the concept of virtual terminal.
  26. What is MPEG. Explain its three types of frame.
  27. What is PING? Explain.
  28. What is USENET? Briefly explain.