SPM Unit 3: Project Monitoring and Control Previous Year Questions

  1. Explain the Signals.
  2. Explain the Frequency Spectrum.
  3. Explain the Sampling.
  4. How can you know the best sampling rate to be used during analog-to-digital conversion to have the vest storage/quality balance?
  5. Explain Anlaog-To-Digital converters. Write the different way to build an Analog-to-digital converter.
  6. Explain the Flash/Parallel ADC.
  7. Explain the ramp counter ADC.
  8. Explain successive approximation ADC.
  9. Describe single slope and dual slope ADC.
  10. Write short note on sigma-delta ADC.
  11. Explain Digital-to-analog(DAC) converter.
  12. Explain the following terms: ADC and DAC. Explain the different application of ADC and DAC electronic components with respect to embedding systems.
  13. What do you understand by signal conditioning? Explain some important types of conditioning.
  14. Explain the digital signal processing.
  15. What is the need of model? Why we study models of computation?
  16. Describe the data flow graph(DFG) model.
  17. Describe the Control data flow graph(DFG) model.
  18. Explain state machine model with an example.
  19. Write a note on sequential program model.
  20. Describe in detail about concurrent/communicating program model with an example..
  21. Explain object oriented program model for embedded system design with an example.
  22. Write a note on Embedded Software with its architecture. What different type of software architecture are in common use?
  23. Explain each tool that has enabled the elevation of software design and hardware design to higher abstraction levels.
  24. Write a note on Embedded Processing.
  25. Explain Signal conditioning and processing.
  26. Write a note on Embedded computation system.