DBMS Unit 4: Transaction Processing Concept Previous Year Questions

  1. What is transaction Concept?
  2. Explain the ACID property of transaction.
  3. What is Serializability?
  4. Explain the view Serializability.
  5. Discuss conflict Serializability.
  6. What is Recoverability?
  7. What are Schedules?
  8. What are differences between conflict serializability and view serializability ?
  9. What are cascadeless and recoverable schedules?
  10. Explain cascadeless schedules and cascading rollback.
  11. What is the system log used for? What is the typical kinds of records in a system log?
  12. What are transaction commit point and why are they important?
  13. What is log? How it is maintained?
  14. Discuss salient feature of deferred database modification and immediate database modification strategies in brief.
  15. Describe the shadow paging recovery technique. Under what circumstances does it not require a log?
  16. What is deadlock? When does it occur?
  17. How deadlock is detected in database system?
  18. How deadlock can be avoided? Discuss in detail.
  19. Discuss the procedure of deadlock detection and recovery in transaction.
  20. Explain the transaction wait-for graph.
  21. Define phantom deadlock and discuss a protocol for detection of a deadlock.
  22. Explain how detection of phantom deadlocks may be avoided.
  23. What is fragmentation of a relation? Describe the main types of fragmentation.
  24. Briefly explain the distributed database and outline the objectives of distributed database.
  25. What is meant by data allocation in distributed database design? Describe the criteria to allocate the database inits over the various sites.
  26. What is mixed fragmentation in distributed database design? Explain.
  27. Explain homogeneous and heterogeneous database reference to distributed database.
  28. Discuss the procedure of deadlock detection and recovery in transactions.
  29. What do you mean by Transparency?
  30. Explain in detail the various approaches used for storing a relation in distributed database.