SPM Unit 4: Software Quality Assurance & Testing Previous Year Questions

  1. Explain embedded control system and embedded control hierarchy.
  2. Explain the Parallel , Serial and Wireless communication.
  3. Explain the layering.
  4. What is error detection and correction.
  5. Describe any one serial bus communication protocol for embedded system.
  6. Explain SHARC link ports.
  7. Explain Ethernet.
  8. Explain the serial protocol CAN.
  9. Explain the serial protocol FireWire..
  10. Explain the serial protocol USB.
  11. Explain the features and functions of USB and CAN buses.
  12. Explain any two popular parallel protocols.
  13. Explain wireless WLANS-IEEE 802.11x protocol.
  14. Write the various standardization of wireless personal area network (IEEE 802.15x)?
  15. Explain Ricochet wireless micro cellular data network.
  16. Write a note on Home RF Technology.
  17. Write a note on HiperLAN.
  18. Write a note on IR data association and Bluetooth.
  19. Explain piconet and scatternet in brief.
  20. What is flow control ?
  21. What are the characteristic of flow control in the real time system?
  22. Draw and Explain real time communication architectures.
  23. Write a note on embedded system encoding.
  24. Explain the multi-state system and function sequence.
  25. Explain the blocking Inter process Communication.
  26. Explain the Two-level cache memory system.
  27. Explain the Direct-mapped cache memory system.