DBMS Unit 2: Relational Data Model and SQL Previous Year Questions

  1. What do you mean by relational model? Explain with example.
  2. What is relational algebra ? Discuss its basic operations.
  3. Write the operations in Relational Algebra.
  4. What is relational algebra? Describe the tuple and domain relational calculus with suitable example.
  5. What do you mean by referential integrity ? Explain the concept of Foreign key with a suitable example.
  6. What is Cursor? Write the difference between implicit cursor and explicit cursor.
  7. Define the following terms: 1. Super key 2. Candidate key 3. Primary key
  8. Write the syntax and purpose of following SQL commands: sysdate, to date(), dual table ,to_number, substr() and initcap().
  9. Write the various operation of Relational-Algebra operation.
  10. Explain views in relational algebra.
  11. Write a short note on SQL.
  12. What are the parts of SQL language?
  13. Write and explain the various set operations provided by SQL.
  14. Explain the aggregate function.
  15. Write a note on derived relations.
  16. What do you mean by Joins? Explain various types of join with examples.
  17. Write the various type of domains in SQL.