Write the different uses of computer networks

There are different uses of computer networks, and some uses are mentioned below:

  • Communication

The most generally used network is e-mail (electronic mail), a very smart way to communicate one person to another. These days, cellular networks make it workable to assert wireless phone connections even when running over a huge range. Video conferencing permits conferences where participants talk and see each other without the participants existing in the same spot. 

  • Accessing resources 

Networks permit devices to access resources with other connected computing devices. It permits many people to be communicated to one printer or scanner, accordingly creating optimal use of these sources. Investment sites and funding sites provide you approach to data on how to provide funding and fundraising possibilities. The most commonly used shared network medium objects are data, files, information, multimedia and hardware sources like scanners, printers and fax machines. 

  • Data protection and redundancy

Redundancy is the action of including further precedence of computer networks and procedure of connection to assist disapprove network utility. It is a device blueprint in which an element is replicated so if it collapses, there will be a backup. The aim of redundancy is to block any interruption in the case of a technical breakdown. 

  • Leisure

Approach to the internet allows access to an almost immeasurable number of entertainments. Games, books and multimedia are included in this usage. Our devices, phones and tabs provide us with many of the games to entertain in our free time. A form of connection that links several contents forms like images, animations, text, audio, videos and other types are referred as multimedia. 

  • Increased productivity

The usage of networks permits many users to work and learn more effectively. It is performed by permitting users to participate more smoothly, provide resources and data, effortlessly get solutions to their problems, and initialise practical facts. 

  • Transfer of files

Data can be transferred in different ways like using file transferring sites such as one drive, google drive etc. Posting the files to a website, providing an e-mail with files, positioning the files on a network-attached storage device and using the operating system’s file transferring utility. 

  • Cost-effective systems

Networks have decreased the cost of the formation of computer devices in the association. With the arrival of networks, it is enough to set up interconnected PCs for the same reason. Earlier, set up of costly mainframes are vital for computation and storage.