DS Unit 3: Agreement Protocol most asked questions

On this page, you will find all the most important and most asked previous year questions from unit 3 Agreement Protocols of the Distributed System subject.

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Topic : Agreement Protocol Introduction (Key Note and Questions)


  1. What do you mean by agreement protocol? Write the classification of agreement problem.
  2. Explain Byzantine agreement problem.
  3. Explain Consensus problem.
  4. Explain Interactive consistency problem.
  5. Write various aspects for recognizing the agreement protocol.
  6. How you can find the solution using number of faulty processor?
  7. Show that a Byzantine agreement cannot be reached among three processors, where one processor is faulty.
  8. What are agreement protocols? Explain Byzantine agreement problem, the consensus problem and interactive consistency problem. Describe Lamport-Shostak-Pease algorithm.
  9. Show that Byzantine agreement cannot always be reached among four processor if two processor are faulty.
  10. Classify the agreement problem. Explain the application of agreement algorithm.

Topic : Distributed Resource Management (Key Note and Questions)


  1. Write and explain various issue that must be addressed in design and implementation of distributed file system.
  2. Describe the mechanism for building distributed file system . Explain data access actions in distributed file system.
  3. Explain the architecture and data access in distributed file system.
  4. Explain the following in context of distributed system. 1. Mounting 2. Caching 3. Hints 4. Bulk data transfer
  5. What is distributed shared memory? Explain its architecture with the help of diagram.
  6. Discuss the architecture of distributed shared memory and its advantage.
  7. Write the design and implementation issue of distributed shared memory.
  8. Describe memory coherence. Briefly explain the write-invalidate and write-update protocol.
  9. Explain the migration algorithm.
  10. Explain the read replication algorithm for implementing distributed shared memory.
  11. Explain the full replication algorithm for implementing distributed shared memory.
  12. Write the central issue and algorithm for implementing distributed shared memory.
  13. Explain central-server algorithm for implementing DSM.