Difference Between database system and file system

Ans: The difference between the database system and file system are as follows:

Sl no.Database management systemFile management system
1.A DBMS is a collection of data. It does not require users to write procedures.A file system is a collection of data. In this, users need to write procedures.
2.It is system software that creates and manages databases.It is software that manages data files in a computer system.
3.In DBMS, data is present in an abstract view. So only required data for a user can be seen and other data are hidden.It provides details of data representation and storage of data.
4.The DBMS provides a crash recovery mechanism i.e. it protects the user from system failure.It does not have a crash recovery mechanism. That is, if the system crashes while storing some data, the data of the file will be lost.
5.In DBMS, SQL query is used which makes the process of update, select, and searching for data easier.In this, the file system process of store, search, retrieve, etc. are done manually so it is difficult to manage the data in it.
6.This provides high data consistency. It uses normalization for this.Have data inconsistency in this.
7.Data is more secure.Data is less secure.
8.The duplication of data is very less in DBMS.so it has very little data redundancy.Very high data redundancy.
9.Difficult process of recovery and backup in thisRecovery and backup process is Easy.
10.Multiple users can access it at the same time.Suitable for a single user.
11.Examples: – MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, DB2 etc.example: – NTFS, Ext etc.