DS Unit 1: Introduction and Characterization of Distributed Systems

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Topic : Characterization of Distributed Systems (Key Note and Questions)


  1. What is distributed system? Describe the main characteristics of distributed system. Give two examples of distributed system.
  2. Discuss the major issues in designing a distributed system.
  3. How the distributed computing system is better than parallel processing system? Explain.
  4. How resource sharing is done in distributed system? Explain.
  5. What is the web challenges for implementing distributed system?
  6. Define the term transparency. Explain important types of transparencies in distributed system.
  7. Explain the architectural model of distributed system.
  8. Discuss the relative advantages and disadvantages of the various commonly used models for configuring distributed computing systems.
  9. Explain the following distributed computing model: 1. Mini computer model 2. Workstation model 3. Workstation server model

Topic : Foundation for Distributed System (Key Note and Questions)


  1. Discuss the impact of the adsence of global clock in distributed system.
  2. Explain the Lamport’s logical clock.
  3. Write the limitation of Lamport’s logical clock with example.
  4. Give the Chandy-Lamport’s global state recording algorithm.

Topic : Message Passing
Systems (Key Note and Questions)

   Key Note

  1. What is vector clock? How this maintains causal ordering ? Explain.
  2. Explain the implementation rule of vector clock. Give the advantage of vector clock over Lamport’s logical clock.
  3. Discuss causal ordering of messages. Give any algorithm which can order the messages according to causal dependencies.
  4. SES protocol.
  5. Q5). BSS Protocol.
  6. Q6). Explain global state with the help of an example.
  7. Q7). What is termination detection in distributed system? Explain any algorithm for termination detection.
  8. Q8). Why is scalablity and important feature in the design of distributed system? Discuss some of the guiding principles for designing a scalable distributed system.