DS Unit 4: Failure Recovery in Distributed Systems most asked questions

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Topic : Failure Recovery in Distributed Systems (Key Note and Questions)


  1. What do you mean by error? Explain forward recovery and backward recovery. Also write its advantage and disadvantage.
  2. Write the approaches for implementing backward-error recovery.
  3. Explain the problem which are caused by the rolling back of process.
  4. Write a short note on: 1. Method to obtain consistent set of checkpoints. 2. Domino effect.
  5. Define the livelocks. What is the difference between a deadlock and livelock.
  6. What is livelock problem in message passing system? How the synchronous checkpointing methods avoid the livelock problem? Describe.
  7. Write short notes on: 1. Livelocks 2. Domino effects 3. Failure resilient processes 4. Consistent checkpoints.
  8. What is checkpoint in message passing system? Explain the recovery in message passing system using asynchronous checkpoint scheme.
  9. Define fault and failure. What are difference approaches to fault tolerance? Explain.
  10. What are commit protocols? Explain two phase commit protocol. How the protocol handles the site failure? Also explain its limitation.
  11. Describe the three-phase commit protocol . How three-phase commit protocol is different than two phase commit protocol?
  12. What is voting protocol? Explain static voting and dynamic voting protocols.