Problem faced when concurrent transactions are executing with example

The concurrency control technique is a process of managing the simultaneous execution of transactions in a shared database. However, when the concurrent transaction techniques are executed in an uncontrolled manner then it leads to several problems. The five leading problems that occur due to uncontrolled execution of concurrent transactions are 1. Lost Update Problem 2. … Read more

Explanation of Lost Update Problem and Dirty Read Problem

Lost update and dirty read problem both are issues that appear due to uncontrolled execution of the concurrent transaction. Lost Update Problem A lost update problem appears when at least two transactions access the same transaction data and performs their operation. As we know, the data of transaction if the first read by the system … Read more

What is the need for concurrency control?

Concurrency control is a method of managing multiple transactions or operations that are running simultaneously. It occurs in the multiuser system, where more than one user executes some transaction at the same time. Executing any transaction simultaneously will lead to inefficient system performance, very high waiting time and response time, and decrease resource utilization without … Read more

ACID Properties Of Transaction in DBMS

Atomicity It states that a transaction must be treated as a single atomic unit i.e. Either transaction executed successfully or completely failed. It should not stuck in between or execute partially. The states of the transaction should be defined before execution or after the execution or failure or abortion of the transaction. For example: Suppose … Read more