Write and Explain the various Oracle Processes

The various oracle processes are listed and explained below

  1. Log Writer Background Process (LGWR): This component writes the redo entries from redo log buffers when the user executes the commit statement or the buffer exceeds 1/3rd of the redo log buffers.
  2. Database Writer Background Process(DBWR): This component will write all the dirty blocks whenever checkpoints tell them to do it.
  3. Checkpoint Background Process(CKPT): This component signals the database writes to write all dirty blocks into the disk.
  4. Recovery Background process(RECO): This component is used to recover from database failure in distributes database system.
  5. LOCK Background Process(LCKN): This component is used in the situation when multiple instances access a single database.
  6. Program Monitor Background process(PMON): This component will clean the reminding memory allocation that was allocated to the user when the user disconnects the communication link.
  7. System Monitor background Process (SMON): This component synchronizes the data files, log files, etc before the user starts the database.