Remove the blank spaces from string using isalpha() in Python

In this tutorial, we are going to learn writing the python program to remove all the blank spaces from the string given by the user using the isalpha() python method

Problem Statement

For any input string, we have to check for the blank space and then remove it.

For example:

Case1: If the user input the string ‘Que scol’,

          The output should be ‘Quescol’.

Case2: If the user input the string ‘Pyth on Pro gram’,

          The output should be ‘PythonProgram’.

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Our logic to remove all the blank spaces in a given string isalpha()

  • Our program will take any input string from the user and then checks for the presence of alphabets in the string.
  • The checking for the alphabets is done with the help of string iteration methods (we are using the ‘for’ loop for our program) and ‘isalpha()’ method which is a python built-in function.
  • After checking for alphabet presence in the string, the characters needed to get concatenated. To achieve that we will use various string concatenation methods defined by the python programming language.
  • Concatenating only the alphabet in the string will automatically remove all the spaces present in the string.

Algorithm to remove all the blank spaces in a given string isalpha()

Step1:  Start

Step2: Take a string as an input from the user.

Step3: Create an empty string for string concatenation, result = ‘’.

Step4: Use the ‘for’ loop to iterate through the string.

Step5: if i.isalpha():


Step6:  Print result

Step7: Stop

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Python code to remove blank spaces in a given string using isalpha()

Output 1:


In this example, the input string is ‘Our world is beautiful’ while iterating through the given input string each character is getting checked, if it is an alphabet, then it gets concatenated into the empty string ‘result’ and final output ‘result’ is printed. Here the final ‘result’ value is ‘Ourworldisbeautiful’.

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