Python program to convert Fahrenheit into Celsius

In this tutorial, we are going to learn writing python program to convert given temperature Fahrenheit into Celsius.

Problem Statement

For any given temperature input by the user in Fahrenheit , we have to convert the temperature into Celsius.

For example:

Case1: If the given user input in the Fahrenheit temperature 100.

            then the output should be ‘37.78’.

Case2: If the user input the Fahrenheit temperature 50.

            then the output should be ’10’.

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Our Logic to convert fahrenheit into celsius

  • Our program will take input as the Fahrenheit temperature.
  • The input temperature is then converted into the Celsius scale and returned as the output of our program.
  • We are using the below formula to convert the Fahrenheit temperature into Celsius.

Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion:

                        The temperature in Fahrenheit is converted into Celsius using the formula:

                                    ( Fahrenheit – 32)*5 ) / 9

Algorithm to convert Fahrenheit into Celsius

Step 1: Start

Step 2: Take the input from the user.

Step 3: Use the formula( ( Fahrenheit – 32)*5 ) / 9 ) to convert Fahrenheit into Celsius.

Step 4: print the Celsius value.

Step 5: Stop

Python code to convert fahrenheit into celsius

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Output 1:


For the input Fahrenheit temperature 96.8.

Celsius temperature = ((96.8 -32)*5)/9 = 36.0.

Output 2:


For the input Celsius temperature 54.

Celsius temperature = (36 *9/5) + 32 = 12.22222222222221.