Advantages and disadvantages of DBMS

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Database Management System (DBMS) are

Advantages of Database Management System (DBMS)

  1. No data redundancy and inconsistency: We call duplication of a lot of space of the same type of data. And a lot of space of one kind of data causes data inconsistency. Which increases storage and cost. But in DBMS we get rid of it.
  2. Restricting Unauthorized Access: In DBMS database administrator uses some security and unauthorized systems to restrict unauthorized access of the user.s
  3. Data Integrity and Security: Security and integrity (integrity) are taken full care of in DBMS. It is necessary to satisfy certain conditions before inserting any type of value in the database. The user is not allowed to access all the data in the database. Thereby increasing data integrity.
  4. Simple Access: The database can be easily accessed in DBMS. An application programming interface (API) is used to access it easily.

Disadvantages of Database Management System (DBMS)

  1. DBMS software and hardware are very expensive.
  2. The functionality of DBMS is very complex.
  3. It is very large.
  4. All its components have to be constantly updated which is very difficult.
  5. If the electric failure or the database gets corrupted then the important data stored in the database can be lost.