Software Testing Unit 5: Object Oriented Testing

On this page, you will find Most important and Mostly asked previous year questions in your b tech semester exam from unit 5 Object Oriented Testing of the Software Testing subject. 


  1. Explain about Object-Oriented Testing. Which types of tools are used for testing Object-Oriented System?
  2. Explain the various type of Issues involved in Object-Oriented Testing.
  3. Explain the Various methods used in Object-Oriented Testing.
  4. Write Difference between Procedural Software Testing and Object-Oriented Software Testing.
  5. What is Web Testing? Write its Checklist.
  6. What is GUI(Graphical User Interface) Testing? Write the various approaches used for GUI testing.
  7. What is Usability testing? Write the various methods of Usability Testing.
  8. Write the Goals of Usability Testing.
  9. Write the advantages and disadvantages of Usability Testing.
  10. What is Security Testing? Write its Various Types.
  11. Write the Classification of Security Testing.
  12. What is the Performance Testing? Write its Various Types and Attributes.
  13. Write the various parameters of Performance Testing.
  14. Explain the various processes of Performance Testing.
  15. What do you understand by Database Testing? Why we are doing Database Testing?
  16. Explain the various types of Database Testing.
  17. What is Post Deployment Testing? What are the various criteria for deciding suggestions need attention.
  18. Write the difference between GUI and Usability testing.