Software Testing Unit 1: Software Engineering and Verification

On this page, you will find Most important and Mostly asked previous year questions in your b tech semester exam from unit 1 Software Engineering and Verification of the software testing subject. 


  1. What is software? Write its types.
  2. What do you understand by software engineering?
  3. What is the software development life cycle? Write and explain its various stages.
  4. Write the requirements of the software development life cycle model.
  5. Write the advantages and disadvantages of software development life cycle.
  6. Write the various types of software development life cycle models.
  7. Explain the waterfall model in detail with its advantages and disadvantages.
  8. Explain the iterative model in detail with its advantage and disadvantages.
  9. Explain the spiral model in detail with its advantages and disadvantages.
  10. Explain the verification and validation model with its different phases.
  11. Explain V-model in detail with its advantages and disadvantages.
  12. Explain testing process. Write its basic steps.
  13. Describe the terms Fault, Error, Bug, and Failure.
  14. Explain the verification and validation.
  15. Differentiate the validation and verification.
  16. What do you understand by test case? Write some test case parameters.
  17. Explain the test suit.
  18. Write the difference between test case, test suit, and test oracle.
  19. Write and explain various verification methods.
  20. What do you understand by SRS? Write the key point of SRS verification.
  21. Write the objective of software project audit.
  22. What is Tailoring? Explain.
  23. What is a walkthrough? Write its objective/goal.
  24. What is an inspection? Write and explain the various stages of the inspection process.
  25. Write the difference between walkthrough and inspection.