C Program to calculate the square root of a given number

In this tutorial, we will learn a writing program in C to calculate the square root of a given number. There is a predefined function sqrt() in C which we will use to find the square root of any number. This program is going to be very easy like the square program in c and the cube program in c.

Before writing the program let’s know about square root.

What is square root?

Square root can be defined as a factor of a number that, when multiplied by itself, gives the original number.

For example

2 is a square root of 4. -2 is also a square root of 4.

because 2*2 = 4 and -2 * -2 = 4,

How Square root program in C will behave?

  • Program will take one positive integer as an input for which we will calculate square root.
  • After taking integer as an input, we will pass this value to sqrt() method. And this method will result square root of that number.
  • This Sqrt() method is defined in math.h header file of C.
  • Let’s see the program for better understanding.

C Program to calculate Square Root of a number

int main() {
  int num;
  double result;
  printf("C Program to find square root \n");
  printf("Enter a Number to find square root: ");
  scanf("%d", & num);
  result = sqrt(num);
  printf("Square Root of %d is %.2f", num, result);


C Program to find square root 
Enter a Number to find square root: 25
Square Root of 25 is 5.00


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