C program to Replace First Occurrence Of Vowel With ‘-‘ in String

In this tutorial we will learn writing the C program to replace first vowel of string with symbol ‘-‘ . This program will be very easy because we just have to find first character which is vowel and then replace it with ‘-‘.

You can see this program

C Program to check given character is vowel or consonant

How our this program will behave

  • First we will take a string as a input from the users.
  • Now to replace first vowel with ‘-‘, We will write a logic using if check to find the first occurred vowel.
  • Whenever first vowel we will get, just replace this with ‘-‘.

C Program to find First occurrence of vowel and replace with ‘-‘

int main()
   char str[100];
   printf("C program to replace first vowel with '-' \n");
   printf("Please enter a String: ");
   scanf("%[^\n]", str);
   for(int i=0; str[i]!='\0'; i++)
    if(str[i]=='a' ||str[i]=='e' ||str[i]=='i' ||str[i]=='o' ||str[i]=='u'){
        str[i] = '-';
   printf("String after replacing first vowel with '-': %s\n", str);
   return 0;


c program to replace first occurrence of vowel with '-'

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