Program to Find the max of 3 numbers in python

In this tutorial you will learn how to write a program in Python to find largest of three numbers.

Suppose if someone give 3 numbers as input 12, 15 and 10 then our program should return 15 as a output because 15 is a greatest among three.

Python program to find greatest of three numbers

n1 = int(input("please give first number n1: "))
n2 = int(input("please give second number n2: "))
n3 = int(input("please give third number n3: "))
if n1>=n2 and n1>=n3: 
	print(" n1 is greatest");
if n2>=n1 and n2>=n3:
	print(" n2 is greatest");
if n3>=n1 and n3>=n2:
	print("n3 is greatest"); 


greatest among three using python

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