C Program to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius

In this tutorial, we will learn the writing program in c to convert a given temperature from Fahrenheit to celsius. This program will be simple because we have a mathematical conversion formula to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius. We will use this conversion formula in the programming logic.

How our Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion program will behave?

  • Our program will take a number as an input which we are considering the temperature in Fahrenheit.
  • Now we will use Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion formula which is ((fahrenheit-32)*5)/9.
  • After this calculation result will be a temperature of Celsius.
  • C Program to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius

    int main()
        float celsius, fahrenheit;
        printf("Program to convert Temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius\n");
        printf("Enter temperature in Fahrenheit: ");
        scanf("%f", &fahrenheit);
        celsius = ((fahrenheit-32)*5)/9;
        printf("%.2f fahrenheit = %.2f celsius", fahrenheit, celsius);
        return (0);


    C Program to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius

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