C Program to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius

In this tutorial, we will learn the writing program in c to convert a given temperature from Fahrenheit to celsius. This program will be simple because we have a mathematical conversion formula to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius. We will use this conversion formula in the programming logic.

How our Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion program will behave?

Our program will take a number as an input which we are considering the temperature in Fahrenheit.

Now we will use Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion formula which is 


After this calculation result will be a temperature of Celsius.

C Program to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius

int main()
    float celsius, fahrenheit;
    printf("Program to convert Temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius\n");
    printf("Enter temperature in Fahrenheit: ");
    scanf("%f", &fahrenheit);
    celsius = ((fahrenheit-32)*5)/9;
    printf("%.2f fahrenheit = %.2f celsius", fahrenheit, celsius);
    return (0);


Program to convert Temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius
Enter temperature in Fahrenheit: 98
98.00 fahrenheit = 36.67 celsius

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