C program to swap two numbers using third variable


In this tutorial you will learn swapping of two numbers using third variable C in  programming language.


You can also see swapping of two number in C without using third variable.


How our program will behave?

In the swapping program using third variable we will assign two different value to two different variables.

We have also a third variable to store temporary variable in it.

Example of swapping : a=2 and b=4

Now after execution of swapping program output will be like

a=4 and b = 2

Swapping of two numbers using third variable in C language

void main(){
	int a,b,tempvar;
	printf("enter the value of a: ");
	printf("enter the value of b: ");
	printf("After swapping \n");
	printf("value of a is : %d\n",a);
	printf("value of b is : %d ",b);


c program to swap two numbers using third variable

Explanation of the above program

  • Above program is for swapping two number in C using third variable.
  • In the above program there are three variables a, b  in which we assign the user inputs and tempvar is to persist the one variable value.
  • Here the logic is very simple. We are just exchanging the value with no any mathematical calculation.
  • We are assigning the value of a in tempvar and then value of b into a. And at last tempvar value into b.
  • Only this is the simple logic.

I hope this is clear to you.

Thanks for reading.