Unit 5 : Dataware Housing

On this page, you will find Most important and Mostly asked previous year questions in your b tech semester exam from unit 5 Dataware Housing of the subject Data Warehouse and Mining. 


  1. What is OLAP ? Write functions and tools.
  2. Write short note on Slice and Dice operations.
  3. Describe the various types of OLAP servers.
  4. Explain efficient processing of OLAP queries.
  5. What is OLAP Server? List the various features of OLAP servers.
  6. Explain OLAP functions and tools in brief. What are the main features of OLAP servers.
  7. What do you mean by aggregation ? Explain in brief, how the OLAP handles aggregation? Write the difference between MOLAP and HOLAP.
  8. Describe data mining interface.
  9. Explain backup and recovery.
  10. Explain security issues in data warehouse.
  11. Explain the term tuning the data warehouse.
  12. Write a short note on testing data warehouse.
  13. What are the types of warehousing application?
  14. What is web mining?
  15. What is focused crawler? Explain its use it brief.
  16. Write a note on clever. Also, write HITS algorithm.
  17. What is web structure mining? Explain page rank.
  18. What is web usage mining? Write its activities and Issues.
  19. Write some algorithms used in Web mining.
  20. Write a note on spatial data structure.
  21. What are spatial rules? Also, explain spatial association rules.
  22. Explain Quad, R and k-D tree.
  23. Write a notes on generalization .
  24. Explain spatial decision tree algorithm.
  25. Explain Markov model in detail.