Unit 2: Data Warehouse Process and Technology

On this page, you will find Most important and Mostly asked previous year questions in your b tech semester exam from unit 2 Data Warehouse Process and Technology of the subject Data Warehouse and Mining. 


  1. What is warehousing strategy? Write and explain its elements.
  2. Explain warehouse management and support process. Write some issue that arise during the course of a project.
  3. Write a note on time horizons.
  4. Explain process requirement for the data warehouse in detail.
  5. Write a note on workload matrix.
  6. List the various factors when creating the implementation plan.
  7. Write a note on backup and recovery strategy.
  8. Write a note on extraction subsystem and transformation subsystem.
  9. Explain client-server architecture with the help of diagram.
  10. Explain the function of server in client-server architecture.
  11. Explain the two categories of parallel hardware used for data warehousing.
  12. Write the crieteria for hardware selection.
  13. Write a note on
    • Host-based processing
    • Master-slave processing
  14. Write a note on cluster system.
  15. Explain the data warehouse software components with the help of diagram.
  16. What tool is required in data warehouse? Explain
  17. Write a short note on evolutionary technologies.
  18. Write a note on metadata.
  19. Explain metadata interchange standard framework.