AI Unit 2: Introduction to Search Previous Year Questions

Artificial Intelligence unit 2 – Introduction to search , most Important, most asked previous year questions in your semester exams are listed below.

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Topic : Introduction to Search (Key Note and Questions)


  1. What do yo mean by search process? Write the different parameters used to evaluate a search technique.
  2. What do you mean by uninformed search and informed search? Explain.
  3. Write a difference between informed search and uninformed search techniques.
  4. Explain Breadth-first search technique.
  5. Explain Depth-first search technique.
  6. Write the difference between Breadth-first search and Depth-first search technique.
  7. What is production system? Explain the various types of production system.
  8. What do you mean by heuristic search? Give the property of heuristic search algorithm.
  9. Write down the heuristic function for 8-puzzle problem.
  10. Why heuristic search is better than blind search?
  11. Explain hill climbing algorithm.
  12. Write a note on following: a). N-queen problem b). Hill climbing Search.
  13. Explain branch-and-bound search.
  14. Explain how branch and bound techniques could be used to find the shortest path solution to the travelling salesman problem.
  15. Q15). Describe A* search technique. Prove that A* is complete and optimal.
  16. Give the production rules for travelling salesman problem. Consider that four cities A,B,C and D are given.
  17. Explain AO* algorithm.
  18. Explain OR graph and AND-OR graph.
  19. Explain minimax procedure.

Topic : Alpha – Beta pruning & Search for games (Key Note and Questions)


  1. Describe alpha-beta pruning with suitable example.
  2. Write a note describing the role of machine intelligence in game playing.
  3. Why is game playing is good candidate of A.I. ? Explain.