AI Unit 1: Introduction to AI Previous Year Questions

On this page, you will find all the most important and most asked previous year questions from unit 1 of the Artificial Intelligence subject.

It will help you in the preparation of your semester exam to score good marks. It will also save you from the backlogs.

Topic : Intro to AI & Its Applications (Key Note and Questions)


    1. What do you mean by artificial Intelligence? Explain. How it is different than general intelligence?
    2. Write the difference between Artificial intelligence general intelligence.
    3. Write the difference branch of Artificial Intelligence.
    4. Write the short note on foundation of artificial intelligence.
    5. What did the main contribution of John McCarthy for the establishment of artificial intelligence as a new discipline?
    6. Define Turing Test. Is Turing test sufficient to define the operational definition of artificial intelligence?
    7. Prepare a short note highlighting the landmark incidences that were reponsible for the emergence of artificial intelligence as a new discipline.
    8. Describe the role of machine intelligence in human life.
    9. Write a short note on the state-of-the-art of artificial intelligence.
    10. What do you mean by Artificial Intelligence? Write its application.

    Topic : Intelligent Agents, Computer vision & NLP (Key Note and Questions)


    1. Explain intelligent agent. Describe basic kind of agents program.
    2. What do you mean by agent program? How do you assure that an agent program is an intelligent agent program.
    3. Describe the role of computer vision in artificial intelligence.
    4. Define the problem domain of computer vision in the context of artificial intelligence.
    5. Describe the role of artificial intelligence in natural language processing.
    6. Explain natural language processing. Why it is needed?
    7. What do you mean by parsers? Write the difference between top down parsing and bottom up parsing. Draw parse tree for sentence “A boy ate the frog”.
    8. What do you mean by sentence generation ? Explain it.