C Program to print Prime Number in a given range

In this tutorial, we will learn to write the C Program to print Prime Number in a given range.

Let’s see what is our problem statement which we will solve in this tutorial.

We will take the range in the form of an integer. After taking the input we will then find all the prime numbers existing in the given range.

For Example:

The input we have taken 3 and 15

So, the output will be 5, 7, 11 and13. Because these are the only numbers that are prime between the range 3 and 15.

How our program will behave

  • Our Program will take two integer numbers as an input to find the find the prime numbers.
  • Now we will use while loop start from first integer till smaller than the second input. This is because we only want in between two.
  • We will pick every time one number and will check it is divisible by any number other than 1.
  • If it is divisible then it is not a prime number. Otherwise our program will print that number as Prime number.

C Program to print Prime Number in a Given range

void main() {
  int i = 0, fNum, sNum, temp;
  printf("C Program to Print Prime number in a given range\n");
  printf("Please give the first number: ");
  printf("Please give the second number: ");
  printf("Prime numbers between %d and %d are\n",fNum,sNum );
  while (fNum<=sNum) {
    temp = 0;
    for (i = 2;i<=(fNum/2);i++) {
      if (fNum%i == 0) {
    if (temp == 0)
      printf("%d \n", fNum);


Please give the first number: 12
Please give the second number: 34
Prime numbers between 12 and 34 are

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