Software Developer Interview Questions and Preparation

Here you will get The best collection of Software Developer Interview Questions that mostly asked during the interview. This bunch of programming and coding questions is prepared by software engineers of MNCs that are generally used to ask similar problems during the interview.

Being a fresher and lack of guidance, we blindly prepare many questions that have no sense. Believe me; you have to focus only on some programming languages and English and quantitative aptitude.

Here I have divided questions into three sections from each programming language to make the preparations easier. These sections are Coding Questions, Pattern Programming questions, and face to face interview questions.

In coding questions, you will get questions like make palindrome program in CPrint Fibonacci series in C, etc. 

In pattern programming section, you will get questions like draw a full diamond using star, draw a half diamond using star, etc.

And in the interview section, you will get the most important question that is commonly asked during face-to-face interviews like what is a string in Java? What is a collection in Java? Why string is immutable in Java etc.

Software Developer Interview Questions

C Programming

Java Programming

Python Programming

Spring Boot




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